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Tasting Sessions 

The world of whiskey is vast and constantly evolving, with over 30 countries producing whiskey commercially. Each distillery, regardless of size, adds its unique spirit to the final product. Our sessions aim to discuss and exchange ideas about these distilleries, while exploring a wide range of whiskies, including Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian, Irish, and more. Also we'll delve into different types of whiskey, such as Malt, Corn, Rye, Wheated, and beyond...

Carefully Curated Flights

Our selection of drinks has been carefully chosen and arranged in a specific order to ensure a cohesive and delightful tasting experience. Below are some of our most popular tasting sessions, and for a comprehensive list of offerings, please click here.

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Join Us

With over 20 years of experience, we curate tasting sessions to take you on a journey through the world of whiskey. Join us at one of our public events or enjoy a private tasting from the comfort of your own home by booking with us.

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Our whiskey specialist will host and guide you through a 1.5 to 2 hour session, featuring a comparative tasting of different whiskies. You'll learn about their production process and how each step influences their aromas and flavors.

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Our sessions offer a fun and educational opportunity to learn about whiskey and the distilleries, as well as a chance to bond with colleagues, friends, or fellow whiskey enthusiasts during a great team-building activity.

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