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Indulge in the Art of Whisky Tasting and More...

An Unmatched Tasting Journey Through Time and Flavor

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Whisky tasting is an enjoyable and sensory experience that allows you to appreciate the complexity, flavors, and aromas of different whiskies. 



(of food or drink) having a distinct flavor.

At the table, dinner’s tasty, but tastes have changed over 30 years.


USA Today (2023)



comparative adjective​

comparative form of tasty

Alternatively, endless bars serve pintxos, a 10-times tastier version of tapas.

Times, Sunday Times (2009)


superlative adjective​

superlative form of tasty: 

Here is my checklist to make sure you throw the tastiest of parties.

The Sun (2016)


the experience

Ultimate form of fun and taste 

With TasteIST each sip of exquisite whiskies was a journey and left a lasting impression of pure indulgence.

Anonymous (2023)

Why TasteIST?

Inspired by our roots in Istanbul and fueled by our passion for flavor and aroma, we embarked on a tasty journey that gave birth to TasteIST. Our mission is to share our love and enthusiasm for drinks and food through an exceptional culinary adventure. Immerse yourself in the art of tasting with us and embark on an extraordinary whiskey experience that will captivate your palate and enrich your spirit.

Immersive Experiences

We specialize in curating personalized tasting events for whiskey enthusiasts and connoisseurs, catering to diverse palates and preferences.

Expert Guided Journey

Led by our knowledgeable professionals, we guide participants through an exploration of diverse flavors, aromas, and the refined art of whiskey appreciation.

Whiskey filled Excursions

Unforgettable sensory adventures for private gatherings, corporate events, and public tastings, leaving guests inspired by the intricate world of whiskey.

Whisky, "The Water of Life"
The name "Water of Life" comes from the Gaelic phrase "uisge beatha," which is the origin of the word "whisky." The term "uisge beatha" translates to "water of life" and was used by monks in Scotland and Ireland during the Middle Ages to describe the elixir they believed had healing properties.
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Image by rafa espada
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The Story of Us

With over 30 years of professional experience, we've had the privilege of traveling the world for business and living in different cities and countries. Along the way, we've made local friends, indulged in local cuisine, and savored diverse flavors from vegetables to meat, accompanied by local drinks like wine, beer, arak, or whisky.


This exposure has fueled our passion for cooking and drinks, and we've dreamt of turning our hobbies into a profession. That's how TasteIST was born, driven by our deep love for aromas, flavors, and the pursuit of the perfect taste. Join us in designing a unique food and drink tasting experience together.


Come, let's savor the flavors as one.

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Phone: 949-378-5104

6425 Bridgeport Ln,
Lake Worth, FL 33463

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